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We are experts in technology solutions for business. We can help you choose and implement the right solutions for your business quickly and easily, saving you time and money.

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We Deliver Excellent IT Service

Our value proposition is simple.

We proactively monitor and maintain your devices, servers, and network to secure your revenue through business continuity.

What Our Clients Say

I cannot recommend The I.T. Workshop highly enough

WOW! That is all I can say about Darren and the team at The I.T. Workshop! I originally hired an IT Consultant to perform a search so we could find just the right IT company to meet the needs of our growing real estate brokerage.

After a detailed search, The I.T. Workshop was hired.

From the first time I met Darren, I was impressed. He is easy to talk to, very thorough, and very willing to work with us to accomplish our IT goals.
The end result was a 5 year strategic plan to move from our current IT position to one that we envisioned for the future.

I cannot recommend The I.T. Workshop highly enough. They are a great IT partner for any company.

Director of Partner Relations
The I.T. Workshop
5 / 5 stars

…truly care about you and your business…

The team at The I.T. Workshop are professional technology consultants that truly care about you and your business. Outstanding customer service and satisfaction are second to none. Darren is a strong leader who gives freely of himself, and always dedicates time to give back to the community. I have the pleasure of our paths crossing a second time at the Gilbert Chamber of Commerce and consider Darren a business colleague, friend, and an asset to our community.

Business Development Director
Gilbert Chamber of Commerce
The I.T. Workshop
5 / 5 stars

…out of this world…

These guys are wizards, magicians, out of this world!!! When I have a problem with my computer I always say; "Don't worry I will take it with the IT Wizards" marvelous fellows who get things done!... Thanks for the professionalism.

Mexico Legal Consultants
The I.T. Workshop
5 / 5 stars

They listen to your needs and provide solutions.

Before hiring The I.T. Workshop, our network would go down regularly, run slow, and even run into the occasional virus. Since signing up with their network maintenance plan, those issues are gone. The I.T. Workshop team is extremely reliable and professional. They listen to your needs and provide solutions. Their recommended solutions are both high performance and right on target with what you need rather than unnecessary or wasteful overkill. I’ve VERY glad we hired these guys to support our network.

Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist™
The I.T. Workshop
5 / 5 stars

…extremely gifted at providing high-quality IT solutions…

The I.T. Workshop does an incredible job of mixing their expert knowledge of the IT world with a high level of integrity. The I.T. Workshop Team of solution providers are extremely gifted at providing high-quality IT solutions for businesses and can significantly increase your production while saving you money. I highly recommend working with them if you want exceptional quality, top of the industry solutions and experts who will treat you with respect while doing what is best for your business.

Chief Talent Officer
The I.T. Workshop
5 / 5 stars

…extensive experience and drive for customer satisfaction…

The expertise of the team at the I.T. Workshop has been instrumental for our business operations. Darren and his team have extensive experience and drive for customer satisfaction has made for a great working relationship for several years.

IT Manager
Symbius Medical
The I.T. Workshop
5 / 5 stars

We would never work with anyone else

We made the mistake of hiring another company to upgrade the infrastructure in our office…

We’ve had many people over the years put “Band-Aids” on our IT issues. Darren is a man of highest integrity and solid commitment to helping his clients meet their organizational objectives. The I.T. Workshop has brought us creative solutions to our business issues and helped us leverage our influence and business opportunities through technology.

We would never work with anyone else.

FBC Services, Inc.
The I.T. Workshop
5 / 5 stars

…customer service from The IT Workshop sets them apart from all the others

I consider myself fairly tech savvy, so when I recently bought a new computer I easily got it set up however, I struggled to connect it to my business network. I spent several hours trying to figure it out. I called The I.T. Workshop and once they had the information they needed, they got me connected within a few minutes. They were also responsive in trouble shooting small issues that popped up when I installed new software. If there is a problem that is not an easy fix, The I.T. Workshop will send over their Technical Service Engineers, who specialize in fixing specific issues and get it resolved. Other companies may have trained staff, but the customer service from The IT Workshop sets them apart from all the others.

AE3Q/ Advanced Energy Efficiency & Environmental Quality
The I.T. Workshop
5 / 5 stars

Fast Response, Competence, Quality Service and Peace of Mind

Fast Response, Competence, Quality Service and Peace of Mind. The I.T. Workshop attends to all of our needs and requests in an extremely efficient and timely manner so our company can continue its day to day operations without skipping a beat! They have excellent internal communication, we never feel as though we are being "passed along" to another person within the company. The I.T. Workshop is friendly and understanding even when our company has requests that may seem obvious or simple. We appreciate the professionalism of each team member we interact with! They have even hosted workshops for us that have given our employee's the best IT practices along with "do's and don'ts" to protect our company's security.

Director of Events
Villa Siena
The I.T. Workshop
5 / 5 stars

…goes above and beyond any firm I have ever dealt with

The I.T. Workshop has a very good understanding of our needs. Their expertise and response time goes above and beyond any firm I have ever dealt with. They can do almost everything remotely so we receive immediate service for any problems that arise. If they do have to come on-site, they are very flexible to accommodate and avoid any interruptions to our business. They are very easy to work with and always let us know what is going on until our issue is resolved. The I.T. Workshop has a great staff of LIVE technical professionals on hand any time you call. There is no job too big or too small. The I.T. Workshop can handle everything from simple computer problems to server and network issues.

Director of Client Services
Oxford Retirement
The I.T. Workshop
5 / 5 stars

Great to work with

I've worked with Darren and his team on a couple of projects. As another IT provider I tend to have high standards about what I expect and his team was knowledgeable and professional. They were great to work with, communicated well and the guys on our team enjoyed working with them.

Founder & CEO
Bazar Solutions, Inc.
The I.T. Workshop
5 / 5 stars

…responsiveness of The I.T. Workshop…exemplary

One of the greatest benefits we have received is continuous up time. The I.T. Workshop works behind the scenes to resolve issues before they turn into down time. It seems like they know we have a problem before we do! On several occasions a technician has been waiting outside our office when we arrived for the day because of an issue that could not be resolved remotely. We have found the responsiveness of The I.T. Workshop to be exemplary. They are so much more than a faceless company that remotes into our system. They know all of our staff by name and we know theirs. From the owner to the technicians they provide personal service that feels more like a neighborhood company than a large corporation.

Office Manager
Peterson Geotechnical Group
The I.T. Workshop
5 / 5 stars

The I.T. Workshop frees up time and energy

The IT Workshop moves quicker and is more responsive to my needs helping me run my organization more efficiently. The most significant single benefit to me as the CEO of my organization is that I have a team of individuals with a great deal more knowledge and experience than I would by having one or two in-house IT personnel. The IT Workshop frees up time and energy by handling ALL of our I.T. needs so that we can spend our energy on more valuable activities associated with creating value and profit in our organization.

The I.T. Workshop
5 / 5 stars