Flyers, newsletters, and print ads – traditional marketing just isn’t as effective as it used to be. Successful businesses are adopting new and powerful digital technologies that their audience already can’t live without. Grab your audience’s attention using the most immediate channel – mobile text. Experience impressive results and connect with your customers in ways you couldn’t before. Click HERE to go to our Mobile Text Messaging Platform:

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Our Mobile text marketing solution delivers impactful campaigns:

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High Performance Solutions for Competitive Advantage

The I.T. Workshop has carefully selected “Best-In-Class” products from industry market leaders so we can provide the very best solutions for the Small to Mid-sized business and Enterprise clients. We are always evaluating new products and updating our offerings to the world’s most dynamic market. Here are just four of the reasons why buying products from The I.T. Workshop makes great business sense:


The I.T. Workshop provides customer centric solutions that drive productivity UP while balancing the need to keep expenditures DOWN. We are selective in using high performance equipment, advanced solutions and superior customer service.


Our systems engineers and technicians are certified, seasoned professionals who are committed to integrity and excellence. We understand that in order to provide technology solutions that meet your company’s needs, we must have a thorough understanding of your business. We listen for solutions, not sales!

Peace of Mind

You can feel confident knowing that The I.T. Workshop has the knowledge, technical training, and commitment to support your specific technology challenges. We’re more than just a sales team drop-shipping product from a warehouse. We sell, integrate, and maintain these solutions regularly as a partner in your success. Efficiency We are experts in technology solutions for business. We can help you choose and implement the right solutions for your business quickly and easily, saving you time and money.