Evaluate Your Risk

Not a question of if, but when.

  • 25% of PCs will fail this year.1
  • 24% of companies said they experienced a full data disaster. 2

Is it worth the risk, to be unprepared?

  • 70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year.3
  1. Gartner Group
  2. 2. Forrester Research Study
  3. 3. PriceWaterhouseCooper

Don’t flush your resources away by not having the right Backup solution for Business Continuity


Cost to recreate 20 Megabytes of data1

  • Sales data = $17,000
  • Accounting data = $19,000
  • Engineering data = up to $98,000
  • Medical data = ?

1. National Computer Security Association

The Good News Is…

We can keep your business running smooth with:

  • A BDR (Backup & Disaster Recovery) solution that delivers intelligent business continuity to your operation and success.
  • Our innovative and superior service to manage the entire process.
  • A Return on Investment that will yield financial and business benefits.


Intelligent Business Continuity

  • Secure backup of business-critical data
  • Ability to keep the business running, even during disaster
  • Complete data restoration
  • Competitive advantage
  • Added business value with Instant Virtualization
  • Peace of mind, for business and clients
  • Ensure compliance requirements are met (HIPAA, SOX)


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