Why choose iCare™ Hosted VoIP?

Share the post “Why choose iCare™ Hosted VoIP?” FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail Increase Company Revenues – Faster and More Efficient. Our Voice of IP solutions enables our customers to increase revenues by dealing with customers faster and more efficiently. This is achieved through using our multiple service features in a manner that suits the company’s requirements. Read More

Generate Revenue & Save Money with Hosted PBX

Share the post “Generate Revenue & Save Money with Hosted PBX” FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail There’s a Reason Why Companies are Switching to Cloud Communications. Most organisations, whether large or small,  are still using legacy service and legacy phone systems, which means that you’re paying premium prices for service, and hardware.  Whether your Read More

Cloud Computing – The Good… The Bad… and The Ugly

Share the post “Cloud Computing – The Good… The Bad… and The Ugly” FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail So far we have defined cloud computing, and we’ve touched on its history.  In my mind, the next topic to cover is: why?  Without a compelling reason to ask about cloud computing many business owners may Read More

Most Common I.T. Blunders #2

Share the post “Most Common I.T. Blunders #2” FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail Today we continue our theme of addressing the most common I.T. blunders we see in our local small business community.  Yesterday we covered outsourcing… today we bring you: 2. Ignoring the human element of security Did you know that today’s network Read More

How to avoid the most common I.T. blunders…

Share the post “How to avoid the most common I.T. blunders…” FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInE-mail One thing we have learned in 20 years of serving the small to mid-sized business community in Phoenix is: the I.T. Department’s capacity to fall prey to misguided practices, given the complexity of the responsibilities involved.  And its Read More